Dispute Boils, Players Suspended? Sandeep to Captain?

Dec 13, 2021 | Cricket | 0 comments

The dispute between the Cricket Association of Nepal- CAN and its players has been a never-ending story. Although, Nepali cricket Fans expected relation to be smoother after the new recruitments, including that of former National Team Captain – Binod Das as a Cricket Manager.

Lately, the fallout is at its peak. The Cricket Association of Nepal -CAN is about to suspend four Players. Captain Gyanendra Malla, Vice-Captain Dipendra Singh Airee, senior member Sompal Kami and a rookie Kamal Singh Airee. You Nepali Cricket Fans need to know that Captain and Vice-Captain don’t have any personal issues with CAN. The issues are with the grading system or, let’s say, the overall rights of Players on their safety and welfare. This includes insurance, contracts, health, salary, and so on.

Gyanendra Malla has always been the scapegoat regardless of his significant contributions on and off the field. And, CAN is using it as a public sentiment to sack him, followed by Dipendra. These senior members are trying to stand for their co-mates for their rights. The youngster who converted his hard dedication and efforts into performance, Rohit, doesn’t find a place in the grading system. And, for some, it’s a cakewalk; whatever you do, you’re always there. And, if you can examine a bit deep, you can smell something else too cooking cause Sandeep, the senior member, has been relatively silent on this.

Sandeep Seeking Captaincy Role

The stature of Sandeep can indeed have a huge impact on solving Player’s rights with CAN. But, why hasn’t he spoken? Even though he has been really vocal on Twitter about Nepal Cricket. The thing is that Sandeep wants to be the Captain, and CAN is paving his way by suspending Captain, Vice-Captain, and another Captain candidate, Sompal.

CAN is trying to have control over players enforcing power on the players. This includes appointing Sandeep as Captain and Pubudu as the Coach. CAN thinks Pubudu can have control over players as they have a very smooth relation among them and CAN controlling Pubudu would make them Supreme Powerhouse in this battle of Players and the Board. This has actually played in the hands of Sandeep Lamichhane, who wants to be the Captain of the Nepal National Team.

Binod Das – High Expectations Poor Results

It seems even the stature of this man is caught up with dirty politics. The favouritism on players from his Hometown, Kalaiya, is as clear as crystal. Pawan Sharaff is always in and around the central stage of Nepali Cricket even though he hasn’t made anything of his chances in the National Team. He has also successfully manipulated players from his hometown region like The Seikh Brothers – Aarif and Aasif. Also, he has been involved in many poor decisions of CAN. The sponsorship deals with Title Sponsor My Second Teacher. Selling CAN tournament rights at a very low price. To say the least, the former Captain hasn’t nailed his spot just like his players.

The cold war between Players and the board has to end. The team’s performance has to make the headlines, not these never-ending disputes. Both parties must co-operate for the greater good of Nepal Cricket. We have crucial matches coming up, The World Cup Qualifiers. And, these disputes aren’t doing any great to our chances. Hence, the board, the parenting organization must look after players subsiding their egos, and the players must also be within the board’s rules.


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