How to apply for Transcripts, NEC Engineering license in Nepal

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Today, I will discuss how to apply and receive the engineering license in Nepal certified by Nepal Engineering Council (NEC). Furthermore, I will document how to apply for a Bachelors Transcript, Provisional Certificate, Migration Certificate, and Character Certificate, all required when acquiring an engineering license in Nepal.

First of all, let’s look at the required documents to fill out the online form for the NEC engineering license in Nepal.

Required Documents

  1. Mark Sheet of SEE or Equivalent.
  2. Character Certificate of SEE or Equivalent.
  3. Transcript of 10+2 or Equivalent.
  4. Character Certificate of 10+2 or Equivalent.
  5. Transcript / Semester wise mark sheet of the bachelor’s degree.
  6. Bachelor’s degree character certificate / Documents showing duration of study.
  7. Degree / Provisional certificate of bachelor’s degree issued by university.
  8. Equivalance certificate from authorized agency of nepal government is required for student studied from abroad.(If applicable)
  9. License certificates of two registered engineer issued by NEC.
  10. Citizenship photocopy.
  11. One Passport size photo.

From the list above, you’re most likely to have 1-4: Marksheet and Character Certificate of SLC or SEE, and Transcript & Character Certificate of +2. So, for now, let’s pave our path to getting Transcript, character and other documents of a Bachelor’s Degree.

For Transcript

Note: Only after 35 days of publication of your last* result, you are applicable to fill the TU Transcript form.

Engineering Transcript Front Page

Step 1

All you need is the marks sheet** of the last semester (8th Sem) or, in case of backs, the mark sheet of the last exam(s) you cleared to pass the bachelor and the photocopy of your TU registration card***.

*last result refers to the previous exam you attended to clear your BE. If you’re regular with your results, your last exam is your final semester exam but, if you have backs, it’s the last exam you attended to clear the BE. E.g. you passed the 4th sem back to clear your BE, your last result will be the result of your 4th sem. 

**Marksheet is the same result paper you get as your semester result, and if you don’t already have them, you can get them from your college.

Registration Card Sample

***TU registration card has your TU registered number in it. I didn’t know this, but while you’re in college doing your bachelor’s, you have the right to ask for your TU registration card. It is provided by the college for FREE!! So ask for it, and DON’T LOSE IT!! If you don’t have one, don’t you worry, you can fill out the form and get the official copy after paying Nrs 200.

Step 2:

Go to Tribhuvan University, Balkhu, after 35 days of publication of your last result. And, for your kind information, the best time to go to TU is right at 10 A.M to get rid of the queues and the crowd. Then, ask for the Transcript form (and Form for TU registration card, if you don’t have one). Read the form carefully and fill it out accordingly*.

*Fill in the Exam Roll number and year serially as you appeared in your exam. E.g. If you appeared in the 2076 Bhadra 3rd Sem regular exam and had 1 back in that exam, you ultimately cleared the back on 2077 Baisakh. But, before clearing that back, you appeared in the 2076 4th Sem Chaitra regular exam. In this case, first, write the symbol number of 2076 Bhadra followed by 2076 Chaitra, and lastly, 2077 Baisakh presuming they are of the same academic year.

Step 3:

Goto the Nepal Bank or Global IME Bank situated within the TU premises. Fill out the voucher and make the necessary payment as mentioned in the form.

Step 4:

Submit the transcript form, photocopy of the TU registration card and copy of the Bank voucher on Room 22 (Upstairs) and visit the same room to receive the transcript after 15 days.

For Provisional Certificate

Provisional Certificate Sample

On the same day you receive your Transcript, take a photocopy of it, and fill out the two separate forms (one for provisional certificate and the other for the verification of photocopy of the Transcript) and make the separate payments as mentioned in the voucher in any of two Banks available within TU. The forms are available in TU itself in the Provisional Certificate section.

Keep the copy of the voucher provided to you, which will be required to receive the form after 14-18 days.

For Character Certificate

Kantipur Engineering College Character Certificate

After getting the transcript, you can visit the college and ask for the Character Certificate. It’s Free!!! And you don’t need anything else other than the photocopy of your transcript and a few simple details about yourself to fill out the form.

College might take about 2 days to provide you with the Character Certificate. The first day, to fill out the form and the second day to receive the Certificate.

For Migration Certificate

Migration Certificate

A migration certificate is only required if you’re transferring yourself from the university you recently graduated to another within the nation or abroad. E.g. From Tribhuvan University to Kathmandu University or any abroad Universities.

You will need to fill out a migration form, sign it by your college principal, and have a college stamp on the form visiting the college. Next, you will need your registration card photocopy along with the bank voucher paying the amount of money mentioned in the form.

You will get your Certificate within 2 to 3 days.

For the NEC engineering license in Nepal and Certificate

NEC engineering license in nepal
Engineering Certificate of NEC Engineering License in Nepal

After finally collecting all the documents required for filling out the online form for NEC Engineering License in Nepal, you need to go to a notary to get a stamp and signature, which indicates it’s the actual copy of the original (Check out the photos). They take around Nrs 50/page (Approx.)

After getting it done, scan them (You may use mobile apps like cam scanner/ Tiny Scanner) and upload them on the online form. After submitting the documents online, take all the hard copies including the bank voucher to the Nepal Engineering Council (NEC) Office before 1 P.M. (They won’t accept applications after 1 P.M)

NEC Bank voucher Nepal Rastra Bank
Nepal Rastra Bank Voucher – NEC

After getting registered, NEC mails you a temporary license as such, which will make you eligible to work as an engineer. Only after 2-3 months, you will be provided with the Certificate and the ID card.

Hopefully, we have successfully guided you to getting Nepal Engineering Council License in Nepal. I wish you all, All the Best and hope you will head towards your dream job and successful career. Thank You!!!

Bonus Content

While filling up the NEC license form, there you need to upload your Signature and Fingerprints. For that, I will tell you a simple hack. Take a clean A4 Paper and put the fingerprints with a blue stamp on the paper. Then, take a photo of it and remove the background of the picture through the site. Repeat the same process for the signature. Now, you will have the transparent background fingerprint and signature, which can be stored and used digitally in future.


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