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Enginnering and Me

Nov 30, 2019 | Enginnering | 0 comments

During those four years of Engineering I have learned a lot. I entered into Kantipur Engineering College as highly talented student who  barely had failures.A wondered kid storming into Engineering because of my numeric outcomes, that suited either medical or engineering as per the trend in our society. I was (I still am) poor at drawing, so avoided biology and I skipped that, implying I had entirely engineering as a choice.

Engineering a large world, with wide and broad scope.I couldn’t decide which one to choose. Civil, Computer, Geometric, and Genetic were on my list. Computer, my elder brother Mr. Pralin had pursued it. So didn’t wanna follow the same. Geometric was new and still raw in IOE, Nepal so I was reluctant to do it. Remained the Civil. Whatever items you look up in the restaurant menu, as a Nepali you end up ordering either momo or chowmein. The same stuff applied to me.

I began Kantipur Engineering College as a Civil Engineering student. The college rather let’s say Bachelor environment,had far more deviation from my expectations. Teachers and students could hardly be differentiated, no teacher gave you a damn. That meant I was grown up. Nobody was gonna restrain or control you besides yourself. But in case of any wrongdoings penalty was severe. One thing I found so strange was the number of smokers in the class. Each day passed the number went on rising.I was astounded when I saw both teachers and students smoking at the same site.I felt strange. Thought the freedom granted had gone too far.

Me, already adding Er. to my name had seen my senior brothers including my own bro get slipped in Exam.I initially thought about how can you fail when you study well. Then when I appeared for the exam I did study reasonably well but probably you know what happened next. The time for one semester is six months which comprises Board Exams and Pre – Boards Exams for two months, Tours, Sports week and Farewell & Welcome Programs (College and Political Parties separately) for a week, two days off every week, and others programs as Quiz, futsal, basketball competition this and that. So you get hardly a month and a half for your semester. In those time too, you get distracted by tours, and others programs preparation. You don’t feel it but the exams will be just around the corner every time.


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