How to apply for a Transcript and license after completing Engineering in Nepal

Nov 14, 2021 | Enginnering | 0 comments

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Today, I will be discussing how to apply for Bachelors Transcript and receive it.

For Transcript

Only after 35 days of publication of your result, you are applicable to fill the TU Transcript form.

Step 1

All you need is the marks sheets* of all semesters and the photocopy of your TU registration card.**

* Marksheet are the paper you get as your result and if you don’t already have them, you can get them from your college.

**TU registration card has your TU registered number in it. I didn’t know this, but while you’re in college doing your bachelor you have the right to ask for your TU registration card. It is provided by the college for FREE!! so ask for it and DON’T LOSE IT!! In case you don’t have one, don’t you worry, you can fill the form and get the copy after paying Nrs 200.

Step 2:

Go to Tribhuvan University, Balkhu after 35 days of publication of your last result. Ask for the Transcript form (and Form for TU registration card, if you don’t have one). Read the form carefully and fill it in accordingly*.

*Fill in the Exam Roll number and year serially as you gave your exam. E.g If you appeared in the 2076 Bhadra regular exam and had 1 back subject which you cleared in 2077 Baisakh. But, before completing that back, you appeared the 2076 Chaitra regular exam then, first write the symbol number of 2076 Bhadra then, 2076 Chaitra and lastly 2077 Baisakh.

Step 3:

Goto the Nepal Bank or Global IME Bank situated within the TU. Fill the voucher and make the necessary payment as mentioned in the form.

Step 4:

Submit the transcript form, photocopy of the TU registration card and copy of the Bank voucher on Room 22 (Upstairs) and visit the same room for a transcript after 15 days.

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