Maintenance of the US I-35 Interstate Highway

Jun 30, 2023 | Enginnering | 0 comments

1. Lane Closing

  • Notify the public in advance about the upcoming maintenance work and the inconveniences it may cause.
  • Clearly communicate the dates, times, and locations of lane closures to minimize disruption to commuters and ensure their safety.
  • Use proper traffic control measures, including the use of cones, detour arrow signs, and other signals, to ensure a safe flow of traffic and guide drivers through the designated lanes.

2. Inspection and Marking

  • Assess the condition of the highway surface to determine whether full-depth patching or partial depth patching is required.
  • Opt for full-depth patching if there are longitudinal cracks that extend to a depth greater than 2 inches, or as specified in the specification.
  • Go for partial depth if the crack is not that significant and has depth less than 2 inches or as specified in the specification.
  • Use paint to mark the areas of the slab that need to be removed or patched.


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