A Night in Pokhara

Oct 19, 2017 | Story Blog | 4 comments

Pokhara, Nepal’s best weekend holiday destination but have you ever had the pleasure of experiencing beautiful nightlife in Pokhara? Bright, colorful lights, Buzzing Music, crowded clubs and dance bars, Tourists trying to capture their moments, couples bonding, such that everyone was busy on their own, as it was seeming, they were having the time of their life. Ever so calm, Phewa Lake was experiencing it all and relishing every bit of it.

There was me, a 5′ 8″ tall, lean guy hiding my body with a muffler, leather jacket, and jeans just to look like I wasn’t too thin. A decent guy with not so stylish short hair and a reasonable beard. And a can of “Tuborg”  in my hand. I don’t make out alone too often, but this time seemed it was perfectly tailored made for me.

Pokhara At Night

Music from clubs and bars was getting louder and louder meaning the Night in Pokhara was befalling. Getting away from all those loud noises I chose myself a silent place; a nearby sandy beach. Lying on lakeshore letting those tiny waves strike my bare feet had me chilled more than a drink itself. A perfect match of her; a bright beautiful glowing full moon, meant I wasn’t lonely at all.

As I was taking my last sips from the Can, I got a pat on my back. Slowly I turned back with a sense of fear and hoping it wasn’t anyone of my relatives. Just opposition to that, there was a beautiful girl probably in her early 20s, about 5′ 4″ tall. She had a creamy glowing face with a bright glossy red lipstick on. The honey-blonde hair perfectly matched her appealing outfit and a curvy figure. She also had a lot of flesh, which were trying to burst out of her. To be honest, she was everything a drunken man would crave for.

I was so lost on her physical charm, but suddenly realized her glossy lips moving. Then, with a weird smile and a sense of fear, reflected by her voice, she asked if I would like to spend a night with her.

Sorry for the horrible ending 😂

Disclaimer: Drinking and Smoking are injurious to health.

          Thanks, everyone for your time.
              Have a great day #Cheers ✌️


  1. Sophia

    Is it the same girl you wrote about in your other story “Affection” ? 😂

    • Ryan Campbell

      You can be a movie director 🤠

  2. Anisha Shrestha

    What a bad ending 😑🙄

  3. Tero dai

    Talai Boka


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