Fading Love: A Tragedy Unfolded

Jan 22, 2023 | Story Blog | 2 comments

Pure love at first, like a blooming rose
Softly whispered words, and gentle prose
Our hearts entwined, our souls as one
Innocent and pure, our love begun

We laughed and loved, we dreamed and hoped
Our hearts bonded, forever we eloped
A feeling like no other, it was true,
My love was eternally meant for you.

Small cracks appeared, in our love parade
Love faded like a flower withering in the shade
The petals fell off, color waned
The doubts on my love, crypt on my mind.

We fought and cried, we pushed and pulled
Our once strong bond, now felt dull
Though we tried to hold on tight,
The love we shared, lost its light.

The candle that once burned so bright,
Now, flickered and had no light.
Communication faltered, and trust was broken
Our love, once whole, was now just a token.

We tried to mend, what was torn apart
But the damage done, left a gaping heart.
Leaving only the memories and heartache,
And the tears that we couldn’t hide.

I broke the soul that hugged my scars,
Letting her drift away just like the stars.
The love we shared, now a distant dream
Our tragedy, played out like a silent scream.

Love is never meant to be fair,
The same love, that leaves us in despair.
Love’s tragedy, a story often told,
But never one that I thought I’d ever hold.


  1. Srijana

    Wohoo! Hajur ni senti vaisakseko

    • Anonymous

      Break up vayo kya ho solti 😶


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