The Apology

Mar 6, 2023 | Story Blog | 0 comments

My heart aches with the burden of my wrongs,
As I come before you, singing my sad songs.

I am sorry for the pain I caused,
For the love I neglected and the trust I paused.

You are a rose, so delicate and fair,
a beauty that is beyond compare.

Your petals once bloomed with trust,
But my actions left them tarnished and dust.

I broke your heart and trust,
And left you with scars, which in time may rust.

I am deeply sorry for my actions, my love,
And the pain I caused you, I can’t even speak of.

I am sorry for the tears I caused you to shed,
For the hurt I inflicted on your heart and head.

I can’t undo what’s been done, nor change the past,
But I hope someday, the memories won’t last.

But I promise to make things right,
To love you with all my might.

Let’s paint our future with the colors of the sun,
A love that shines bright, never to be undone.

This poem is a reflection of my heart and soul,
A humble offering to make us whole.

I vow to cherish and hold you so tight,
And make every moments together, nothing but bright.

Let’s start a new journey, hand in hand,
And cherish each other, like the grains of sand.

With every moment that passes by,
I’ll prove my love, never letting it die.


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