The Full Moon

Sep 4, 2021 | Story Blog | 1 comment

As the clock ticked at 7:02 P.M, I finally completed my project report. Then, I instantly locked my PC, put on my bag, picked up my cell phone, and left the office. Next, I got into my car and started scrolling down my favourite songs’ playlist, which spiced my already jolly mood.

Suddenly, a message popped up, lowering the volume of my music. Yea, it was definitely hers. It read, “What about my gift Babee? 😉” It’s the 15th of June today, meaning tomorrow is my birthday. So, she expects me to gift her. As per our mutual agreement of sharing everything 50 – 50, she wants me to gift her even on my birthday. But, of course, gifts don’t mean she wants that fancy stuff. Sometimes, a peck on her cheeks is enough, or even just listening to her useless gossip is plenty. So, to her great ecstasy, I’m gifting her with a long night drive this time.

The plan seemed great, but the same couldn’t be said of the weather. A heavy dark cloud hovering around with occasional lightning was threatening a heavy shower. But still, I intended to proceed with the plan as it was a postponed plan from her birthday last year. “Babee, get yourself ready; I’m coming to pick you up,” I texted her back.

It’s around a 30 km drive to her home from my office. Just as I approached her home, I could see a five feet wonder girl in her early 20s and prime in her beauty. Glowing milky white face with dazzling brown eyes, cherry lips, and a pointed chin. A long, wavy, golden-brown hair was falling perfectly over her chest. She looked stunning as if she is the picture of perfection. Yes, indeed, it’s her. The smile she has when she sees me is something that resembles the Full Moon; despite looking at it a million times, you still crave to see it over and over again. It is possibly the way she’s put together; I have always fallen for her ever since we met three years ago.

We are heading towards the tallest hill in the valley for our long night drive, The Manung Hill. It is famous for its mesmerizing bird’s eye view of surrounding towns and valleys. The hill has been on the rise in popular tourist destinations since the tunnel construction started over a couple of years ago. It’s great cause I’m one of the engineers involved in this tunnel project. It indeed is a risk to go through an incomplete tunnel to the hill in this deteriorating weather at night. At this age, we often tend to take risks, and this state is no different either.

Through the muddy road with drizzling weather, we reached the top at around 11:40. Then, fittingly it stopped raining. The sky was clear with the full moon. The valley looked astonishing from the top. Sparkling stars like lights shining on the valley were very captivating. Even At this midnight, the city seemed to be still awake; perhaps the city too was madly in love with the moon. Just like I was with her. Under the gazing moonlight, we helped ourselves with a romantic kiss. Probably, the longest we ever had, and Damn, that felt good, really good.

To be continued…….

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