How to apply for U.S. Visa from Nepal : F1 Visa

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In this blog, I will share my experience of applying for a U.S. Visa for my master’s in the U.S. The detailed procedure to apply for Graduate and Under Graduate study in U.S. universities for education in the U.S.

First Stage

Things you need at the first stage after you intend to study in the U.S. or abroad.

1. A passport

Get your E-passport from your respective District Administration Office (जिल्ला प्रशासन कार्यालय ) or the Department of Passports, Kathmandu.

2. Degree to pursue in the U.S.

A clear vision of which degree course to pursue your further studies in the U.S.

3. English Proficiency Test

Nepal is a non-native English-speaking nation. You must take English proficiency language tests such as IELTS/ TOFEL/ Duolingo/ PTE, depending upon the country and the university you intend to apply to. Students primarily take TOFEL or IELTS for language tests for U.S. student visas. In contrast, GRE or GMAT is highly recommended to boost your claim for scholarship and Graduate Assistantship & Teaching Assistantship.

how to apply for us visa from nepal english language test
IELTS Result

4. Degree Certificates and Transcripts from your academic institutions.

While applying for U.S. Universities, you must have all your academic degree certificates and transcripts of all the degrees you have taken. Furthermore, these degree certificates have to be photocopied and notarised (to verify the photocopies as the actual copy of the original).

Degree Certificates you require For U.S. Universities:

  • SEE/ SLC Certificate and Transcript.
  • +2 Certificate and Transcript.
  • Bachelors Certificate and Transcript or Diploma Certificate and Transcript

5. Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Prepare your strong CV with all the latest degrees, qualifications, and experience.

Second Stage

1. Letter of Recommendation from your Professors or Employers

Visit your most recent college and ask the teachers (professors) to provide you with a letter of recommendations prioritising the intended degree courses. You primarily require three-letter of recommendations, out of which it is better to have two from the professors and one from the employer.

2. Statement of Purpose (SOP)

A statement of purpose or a letter of intent is detailed writing about your career path, interests, professional contributions, goals and the driving force behind pursuing a particular program abroad. It plays a vital role in being accepted by the universities.

Please mail me at [email protected] or [email protected] for sample LORs and Statement of Purpose.

Third Stage

1. Choosing the U.S. Universities and Colleges

Choosing a college is the most challenging part of the journey to study abroad. Websites I prefer are US News & Common App. Use the filter option to filter out the course, fee structure, ranking, acceptance rate, location, etc.

2. Applying to the U.S. Universities and Colleges

Visit the college’s site and see if it provides your courses and check the international fee structure. Apply to the universities if you think you can crack it. Apply to at least three to five U.S. universities for the safe side.

Fourth Stage

1. Obtaining I-20

I-20 is the acceptance letter containing Sevis ID sent to you from the U.S. University, which has detailed information about you, the college and the expected fee you need to pay each year. After you apply to the U.S. universities, wait for your application to be reviewed. Based on your application, the university analyses your grade, SOP, Test Scores, Language proficiency, and LORs. The university provides you with the I-20 and the eligible scholarship (sometimes, you need to fill up a separate form for a scholarship). Choose the best I-20 among all the I-20s to apply for a U.S. student visa. This document is also required during the U.S. VISA INTERVIEW.

how to apply for us visa from nepal - US University I-20 sample
I-20 Sample

2. Filling up DS-160 for the U.S. Non-immigrant Visa

After you have selected the best I-20, visit the U.S. government site and fill up the Non-Immigrant DS-160 U.S. visa application form. For your kind information, please note down the DS-160 Application ID as the application portal session gets timed out, and you need this ID to continue your application process. After completing the DS-160 form, safely print out the DS-160 Confirmation page.

U.S. Visa from Nepal - DS-160
U.S. visa DS-160 confirmation page

Fifth Stage

1. Book a U.S. Visa Interview Appointment

First, go to this U.S. Visa CGI site and register as a new user. Continue the process for New Appointments by registering as the Non- Immigrant as you’re applying for a U.S. Student Visa. Here, you require SEVIS NUMBER (Present in I-20) and DS-160 Confirmation Number.

Then, Pay the MRV Fee of 160$ through any Nepal Investment Bank (Either Online or through Bank Voucher). In case of payment through Bank Voucher, you need a copy of your Passport, DS-160 Confirmation page, I-20, and a receipt provided by CGI; then go to any Nepal Investment Bank Branch and fill up the Bank Voucher.

U.S. visa from Nepal - Nepal Investment bank CGI
CGI Receipt for Nepal Investment Bank

After the payment, enter the receipt number mentioned in the receipt by visiting the same website portal. The receipt number starts with S followed by 8 digits: S12345678

Note: Do not forget to ask the Bank official to highlight the receipt number in your bank voucher.
how to apply for us visa from nepal  - visa date appointment
Sample Bank Voucher

Now, go to schedule an appointment for a U.S. visa interview and appoint the date of your U.S. Visa Interview. Check regularly to appoint your preferred date & time and mail it to your account for confirmation. But, there is an issue. If you regularly check for available U.S. visa Interview dates, your account is bound to get freezed for 24 to 72 hours.

how to apply for us visa from nepal - Visa interview date appointment
U.S. Visa Appointment

So, to prevent the freezing of your account, you can create a dummy account on the same CGI site using a different web browser to check if the dates you prefer are available. If it’s available then you can log in to your actual CGI account and appoint the date for the U.S. visa interview.

How to Create Dummy Account for Visa Appointment Date Check without getting your account freezed?

2. Pay the SEVIS Fee of 350 $

You need to pay the Sevis fee after you book your U.S. visa appointment date. To pay the sevis fee, all you need is a credit card (dollar card) or you can also visit any bank with your Passport and I20 to pay the Sevis fee. You must pay the SEVIS fee of 350$ at most 48 – 72 hours before the U.S. visa interview. I recommend you pay about a week or two before the interview. You need the sevis fee payment receipt during your U.S. visa interview.

U.S. Visa from Nepal Sevis fee from Nepal
Sevis fee payment receipt sample

Sixth Stage

1. Take the U.S. Visa interview and get the U.S. Visa.

Check my U.S. F1 Visa Experience

Prepare your answers to commonly asked questions. And, make arrangements for the Documents you need to take during the U.S. Visa Interview. Documents you need but are not limited to are:

  • Passport (Valid over 6 months from your intended date of stay in the U.S.)
  • I-20
  • DS-160 Confirmation page (1st Page)
  • A Photo 2×2 Size photo
  • Latest Degree Transcript (You can take all transcripts from SLC/SEE)
  • Sevis fee receipt
  • U.S. Visa Appointment Date proof (Print from your CGI Account)
  • Language Test Score (Optional)
  • GRE Score (Optional)
  • Financial Documents (Optional)
If you received the Green Slip from the Visa Officer. Congratulations You’ve Received Your U.S. Visa. You can now live your Dream.
Green Slip U.S. Visa
Green Slip

Now, consult your university for further stages. However, some common stages are as follows.

2. Request for NOC, Migration Certificate, and Police Clearance

No Clearance Certificate (NOC)

After you have your visa approved, you can now apply for NOC. Apply NOC from here. Complete the form submitting your documents and details, and pay the required amount in any Nepal Rastriya Bank Branch. Now, download the form from the site, sign it and submit visiting the office (Keshar Pustakalaya) with all the documents mentioned on the NOC website.

NOC Nepal F1 visa
NOC from Nepal Government

Documents required

  • Payment Receipt
  • NOC form (Signed)
  • I-20
  • Offer letter from University
  • Transcript
  • Citizenship Certificate photocopy
  • Degree Certificate
  • Language Test (If you have uploaded on the portal)

You need NOC to pay the fees to the International Universities, and it also enables us to exchange NRs and Dollars legally.

Migration Certificate

For a Migration Certificate, visit your respective University or my previous blog.

Police Clearance

This is optional but some entry terminals during travel might ask for it. For police clearance, visit this Government Site. It is entirely free & online and requires you to enter your passport and citizenship information. The only thing that needs attention is the photo size; I assume you are a student applying for a U.S. visa, so the photo size required here is the same as the photo for your DS-160. 

Police Clearnace certificate
Online Police Certificate Nepal

The final verification takes about two to three days, and there you go, you have a police clearance certificate.

Seventh Stage

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