How to create Vaccine QR Code Nepal

Apr 30, 2022 | Travel | 0 comments

Due to the global Covid- 19 Pandemic, travellers are compulsorily required to have the Digital Vaccine QR Code while travelling internationally. The Nepal Government has made the digital QR Code creation of your vaccine card completely free and online. First of all, all you need is three things,

1. Passport or Citizenship Scan copy

You need a Passport scan copy for someone who is travelling abroad in the recent future or a Citizenship Scan copy for any normal Nepalese. The scan copy must have both sides of the Citizenship and passport on the same page.

In case you don’t have any scanned copies, go to the play store and download scanning apps like Cam Scanner or Tiny Scanner. Take a photo of it and fix the edges and upload it on this site.

In the case of Citizenship, both sides need to be on the same page. For that go to MS Paint on your Computer and open the Citizenship photo with Paint software (default software), select the photo by pressing Ctrl + A and Ctrl + C. Now Increase the workspace of the photo by dragging the arrow from the right end of the photo. Now press Ctrl+ V to paste the photo. Now, drag the photo onto the blank space and arrange the photo as you need.

Citizenship sample

2. A Passport Size photo

A clear passport-size photo with plain background must be uploaded. No Selfie or any other type of photo is allowed. In case you have a digital photo you can upload it directly but if you have a Passport size photo, you can scan them through a scanning app like a cam scanner or Tiny Scanner.

PP Size photo sample

3. A Vaccine card with a Government stamp and vaccination centre.

A vaccine card with a Name that matches your name on your Passport and clearly mentioned the Vaccination and vaccination centre along with a government stamp.

Vaccine card sample

Then, go to the Ministry of Health and Population Nepal and fill in the forms as mentioned and upload the above photos in the respective place with proper details.


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