How to check if it’s your pc supports Windows 11

Jun 26, 2021 | Technology | 1 comment

To check whether or not your PC supports Windows 11. Do follow the following steps.

Step 1: Download this File (PC Health Check)

Step 2: Run this software.

If it shows this,

Congrats!!!! Your PC supports Windows 11.

If it shows this or something like; Must support secure boot or Check TPM.

Follow rest of the Steps.

Step 3: Go to Windows menu and Shutdown your PC

Step 4: Turn On your PC and Press F2 (Dell) to enter the System Setup

Step 5: Select Secure Boot —> Secure Boot Enable —> Enabled

Step 6 : Select General —> Advanced Boot Option —> Unselect (If Selected) Advanced Legacy Boot Options

Step 7: Select Security —> PTT Security —> Select PTT on

Step 8: Close the window or Select Exit (PC Restarts)

Step 9: Open The Software again.

Now if your PC supports Windows 11, then the following dialog box should appear.

Windows 11 supporting PC

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