Reviving a backyard pond

May 11, 2023 | Engineering | 0 comments

Embarking on my second landscaping project here in the USA, I found myself immersed in the captivating world of backyard landscaping. Collaborating with my close mate Iain Blair, with whom I had previously built a remarkable backyard fence, we ventured into a new endeavor. This time for Josh, a long-time friend of Iain’s and one of my closest mates now. Our aim was to breathe a new life into his existing backyard pond, transforming it into a stunning oasis. As we embarked on this challenging yet fulfilling journey, we divided the project into several steps to ensure its success.

Step 1: Cleaning the Existing Pond

Undertaking the daunting task of draining and clearing the existing pond was our first and most crucial step. We carefully utilized a vacuum pump to remove the water from the pond, allowing us to gain access to its inner depths, which turned out to be greater than what we expected. Although the concept may seem straightforward, the reality proved to be a challenging. The pond had accumulated debris, including soil and rocks that had fallen into the water over time. As we worked, we encountered a messy, wet, and muddy environment, requiring us to exercise patience and perseverance. Nevertheless, our determination remained unwavering as we aimed to overcome these obstacles and establish a solid foundation for the forthcoming transformation.

Step 2: The Protective Pond Liner Base

Once the pond was cleared of its previous elements, it was time to create a solid foundation. We carefully laid down a protective pond liner base, ensuring a stable surface for the upcoming installation. For this pond, we decided to reuse the existing pond liner as the protective base, adding an element of sustainability to our project. This crucial step guaranteed the longevity and durability of our renovation work, providing a secure base for the pond’s future beauty.

Step 3: Placing the Pond Liner

With the protective base in place, we carefully positioned the new pond liner. This vital component would serve as the waterproof barrier, preventing water seepage and maintaining the pond’s structural integrity. We worked diligently to ensure a smooth and wrinkle-free installation, paying attention to every detail. The liner would be the canvas upon which the transformation would unfold.

Step 4: Tucking the Edges with Stones

Initially we randomly tucked the edges of the pond liner and filled 1/4th of the pond so let pond liner take it’s shape. Later, to seamlessly blend the pond into its surroundings, we skillfully tucked the edges of the liner with an array of stones. As we carefully selected and placed stones with concrete, the pond began to take on a natural and organic appearance. Each stone played a vital role in enhancing the pond’s aesthetics and providing a harmonious transition between the water and the land.

Step 5: Filling the Pond

With the liner secured and the edges beautifully adorned, it was time to bring the pond to life. We gradually filled it with water, allowing the liner and base to conform to their intended shape. The anticipation grew as the water level rose, revealing the transformation we had diligently worked towards. It was a gratifying moment, witnessing the pond’s rebirth and the realization of our vision.

Step 6: Creating an Aesthetically Pleasing Water Fall

To add a touch of enchantment and visual allure, we constructed a stunning water fall, using carefully stacked stones. We also used a filter and a water pump to recirculate water in the pond as a water fall. This creative endeavor involved skillfully arranging the stones to form a beautiful border, framing the water feature. The carefully placed stones contributed to the overall charm of the pond, making it a captivating focal point within the landscape.


As we reflect on our journey to renovate the backyard pond, we take pride in the transformation we achieved. The collaboration between Iain, Josh, and myself was instrumental in bringing this project to fruition. Through dedicated effort and attention to detail, we breathed new life into the pond, turning it into a captivating oasis within Josh’s backyard. The steps we undertook, from cleaning the existing pond to creating an aesthetically pleasing boundary, played a significant role in achieving our objective. The renovated pond now stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, determination, and the artistry of landscaping.


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