Manung Kot : The Charm of Damauli

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Manung Kot or The Manung Danda, situated in Vyas-5, Damauli, Tanahun is an all-season wonder. Manung amazes anyone who dares to conquer it irrespective of season and time. Majestic Sunrise, floating foggy dense cloud in the morning; panoramic view of Snow Capped Mountains and hills in the day; and glowing view of Damauli and surrounding valleys at night.

Manung Danda In The Morning

Early in the morning, Manung Dada seems to be afloat as it gets covered by white foggy dense cloud. There’s a myth that this dense floating fog was created by Maharishi Parashar to hide his love relation with Satyawati, who later married him to give birth to Ved Vyas. Hence, Damauli is also the Birthplace of Ved Vyas.

You can’t help yourself but feel like you’re somewhere close to heaven. The biggest attraction to Manung is undoubtedly the sunrise. It’s stunning. In fact beyond words. So, sorry, I won’t be able to explain that in words, you got to see it yourself.

Manung Kot During Daytime

When the sky gets clear during mid-day, the astonishing view of mountain ranges including Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Manaslu, Mt. Lamjung, Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Machhapuchhre, Mt Himchuli, and more small mountains can be seen from Manung. You can also capture the birds-eye view of Damauli Bazar, Madi-Seti River, Sangey, Gunadi and other surrounding areas.

Mountain Range from Manung Kot

Damauli From Manung Kot At Night

Sparkling stars alike lights of Damauli and surrounding valley will definately mesmerize you.

There is provision for self camping at the top. In case you ain’t got anything for camping, don’t you worry local people will provide you with the homestay. To add to your entertainment local Magar community will perform their traditional dance as per your request during your night stay. The Local organic alcohol i.e Chyanng of Manung kot is also popular among youths.

Night Camp at the top of Manungkot – ©Vivaan Adventure

The short description of Manung Kot

Location = Vyas-5, Damauli, Tanahun

  • 9kms from Damauli, 159 km from Kathmandu and 58 km from Pokhara
  • Approx. 1km Above Sea-Level
  • 4/5 portion of the road is off-road

Modes of Transportation – Hiking, Public Vehicle, Private Vehicle

Route Description from Damauli to Manung Dada:

Damauli –> Chapaghat –> Army Camp –> Uphill Road to Manung Kot Dadaa

Manung Dada Google Earth

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